We collect your orders, print your product, and ship to your supporters while you raise money for your favourite cause or organization.

Setting up a fundraiser can be a tedious process. Some charities choose to host events like fundraisers, dinners, car washes and bake sales. The downside of these types of fundraising campaigns is that they can be very time-consuming to organize and require a sizable cash investment upfront. For most charities, both time and money is at a premium.
That’s where we can help! On our website you can sell custom designed t-shirts, at a price you choose. This is done with no upfront costs, no minimum orders and most importantly zero risk. Most traditional fundraising require charities to buy inventory in advance. If a certain amount of inventory isn’t sold, then a fundraising campaign can actually lose money. At Canvus Print, you do not have to buy any inventory. We only print on-demand based on the t-shirts sold.
We’ve made promoting and sharing your t-shirt easy by giving you your own personal URL. You can send this URL across social media, email and text-messaging to attract support for your cause.

  • Good Giveaway

    T-shirts can be a nice way to give something back to a charity’s contributors, keepsakes you can actually wear.

  • Create Awareness

    T-shirts can be a great marketing tool. Any person wearing a charity’s t-shirt automatically becomes a spokesperson for the cause.

  • Unify The Team

    By wearing the same t-shirt a charity can create a stronger image of a team. A more cohesive company will generate a stronger impact.

  • Inexpensive

    T-shirts are an inexpensive way for charities to gather money. They're a fundraising opportunity with no upfront costs.

How It Works

T-shirt fundraising made simple.

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Set Up Your Store

Add your designs to our website to begin selling your t-shirts. We also have popular designs you can modify to fit your needs. If you need further assistance, you can also partner with our talented team of designers to create custom designs for specific events and fundraisers.

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Promote Your Swag

Promote your swag and cause on your website, social media and word of mouth. The more eyes and ears on your shirt, the better the campaign will do. We can help you craft a promotional plan to help maximize your fundraising potential.

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Collect The Funds

Every time someone buys a t-shirt from your store, you raise money for your cause. Each shirt is printed on demand, in Canada, with world-class digital printers and delivered to the customer’s door. No risk to you, no inventory to worry about and no administrative work.

“No risk, no inventory to worry about and no administrative work.”

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